First Batch of Fellows

First Batch of Fellows


Born and brought up in Biratnagar, Ashish invested most of his time participating in extracurricular activities. His passion towards social service led him to UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship 2017. When he first visited Heluwabesi, a remote village in Sankhuwasabha, he was very sad to see talented young kids being deprived of quality education. He started his journey as a fellow with high hopes to inspire the children and to bring out their creativity. He has started implementation of practicing play based learning and has also included creative activities such as weekly quiz competition and cultural events to make his classes more interesting. Just a few months after starting his fellowship journey, the children started to show their creative sides and shared new ideas. The children now know that they have someone who listens to their problems and helps solve them. Ashish shares, “Nothing is worth anything than seeing those beautiful souls smiling with a hope in their eyes, a hope for a better future”.

Binata Gurung

Our youngest Fellow, Binata, joined UWS Nepal while she was pursuing her GCA A-Levels. Having participated in several trainings on youth and personal development, she believes in sharing her knowledge with children of resource stricken communities in Nepal. Currently Binata teaches Mathematics and Science in Majhuwa. She believes that “by educating children, we can educate the community too.” She not only works to improve the education system at her school but also to improve the unhealthy lifestyle of the children in Majhuwa. She has initiated many hygiene related activities such as hand washing and brushing drills. Not only her school, everyday, students at all UWS Nepal Schools practice the drill started by Binata, thus making the community healthier.


Kind and supportive by nature, Dikesh is always ready to help people in need. A graduate of Bachelors in Social Work, he instantly connected with the community he was placed at- Nagidada, Sankhuwasabha. During his journey as a fellow, he met Tarbu, a newborn who had lost his mother during the process of his delivery. He now lives with and is taken care of by a distant relative who already has lots of mouth to feed. Tarbu’s father, a teenager himself, goes to work and visits him occasionally. Dikesh was touched by Tarbu’s story and decided to help him in every possible way. He took an initiative to collect some funds from his family and friends during his visit to Kathmandu and bought new clothes and warm blanket for Tarbu. A humble act by our Fellow Dikesh has showered little Tarbu’s life with love, care and attention that he deserved. Dikesh hopes that his dedication to improving education at UWS Nagidada will benefit Tarbu.

Juna Manandhar

A graduate in Business Administration from Thames International College, Juna loves to travel and enjoys working with new people. As a fellow, she has planned and designed an exemplary ECD classroom, helped bring a positive change in the lives of the children at Shree Singadevi Adarbhut Vidhyalaya and is now working on inculcating positive feedback system in the school. One of her student, Meena Tamang who studies in grade five used to be very shy and hardly interacted with others in the school. To help Meena, Juna assigned her activities like reading aloud to the class, writing essays and including her in classroom cleanliness activities. Despite her numerous attempts to make Meena outgoing, the results were minimal. To uplift her confident further, Juna decided to give Meena a badminton so that she could play with others at the school. Soon Meena developed a habit of practicing badminton every morning and is now the best player among all. This simple solution has helped her interact with the opponent players and made her more confident. She also started participating in school events and was recently prized first in ‘Hisab Daudh’.


Nirupa had been working as a home tutor for 5 years prior to joining UWS Nepal as a Fellow. A Bachelors of Business Administration graduate, she is passionate about reading and travelling, and is always ready for a new adventure. With little knowledge about the difficulties of living in a geographically challenged village, she started her journey at Shree Amarsahid Adarbhut Bidhyalaya in Gufa, Sankhuwasabha. At her placement school, she noticed that only a few students attended school regularly. As her first pet-project, Nirupa was determined to increase student attendance. She initiated “Ghar-Dailo” Program where she along with a few community teachers visited local homes to explain about the importance of education and how it could bring a positive impact in their lives. Since, then the school attendance has increased to 80%. One of the student, Rajani Shrestha, whose parents Nirupa had consulted, now attends school regularly and aims to be just like Nirupa herself.