Classroom Placement and Leadership Development

  • How It Works

Classroom Placement and Leadership Development

UWS Fellows commit two years, full-time, to providing poor and marginalized children with the opportunities that can put them on a different life path. Each Fellow is assigned a classroom in one of UWS’s schools and asked to give their students the skills they need to reach their personal goals. Our Leadership Development Journey will revolve around the following four areas:

Personal Development Exploring who you are, what is your goal in life, and how you strive to be a better person.

Community Transformation Exploring shared values with the community that can inspire them to act together and find hope for positive change

Collective Action Building relationships and organising partners to effectively mobilise and deploy resources in a way that multiplies and deepens our impact

Educational Equity Deepening the understanding of Nepal’s education system and committing to work towards equality

With these four commitments, our fellows will gain real-life leadership experiences in classrooms and communities, developing their professional skills and gaining valuable life skills.