Our Model

Our Model

A high-cost and sustainable education system to build networks of community-based primary schools that provide free education to poor and marginalized children in rural Nepal.

Our education delivery model is designed in a holistic approach with focus on three aspects of the education system development; building schools, managing school operations, and improving the quality of teaching methodology & the learning environment by trained and enthusiastic teachers.

We work where we are needed - where children have no functioning school to go to

We build and sustain schools in marginalised, and highly remote communities, where children are beyond the reach of quality education. Without our input, the children in these communities might never see the inside of a classroom.

The education we provide meets national requirements, whilst being locally contextualized

Lessons in our schools follow national curriculum requirements, giving children the skills to continue their education within the national secondary school system. The programmes taught at UWS Nepal schools are, however, locally contextualized, protecting local cultures and customs.

We support and develop teachers from within the community to work alongside government teachers

By training teachers from within the community, we ensure good communication and relationships between the children and teachers. This also builds local capacity, and ensures our projects are locally anchored.

We work where we are wanted - we ensure projects are supported by both the local government and the local communities

Sustainability is at the heart of our model, ensuring that future generations can benefit from the schools that we develop. In order for our schools to be successful in the long-term, it is vital that they are supported at a community, regional and national level.

We partner each of our community schools with a school in a more affluent country

These partnerships are mutually beneficial, creating cross-cultural links and learning. Our partner schools ensure the financial sustainability of UWS Nepal schools, whilst educating a new generation of global citizens.

We select, train and place enthusiastic, innovative and highly qualified young UWS Nepal Teaching Fellows to drive education changes in our schools

Mobilizing young Nepali to be part of the UWS education movement is at the heart of our organization. In order for UWS to teach children in rural areas to read, write and count, it is vital that young generation is aware and involved in understanding and leading educational transformation in Nepal.